The Archaeology Investigations of the
Lansdowne Iron Works at Lyndhurst

Furnace Falls in 1816

The Municipal Heritage Committee for Leeds & 1000 Islands, in conjunction with the Lyndhurst Rejuvenation Committee, proposes to conduct Archaeological Research on the first iron smelter in Upper Canada. The site, known as the Lansdowne Iron Works, is located in Lyndhurst, formerly known as Furnace Falls. The smelter operated from 1802 until it burned down in 1811. It was designed a National Historic Site of Canada in 1932. It has only received Stage 1 archaeology, much more work is needed.

An application is being prepared to seek funding from the Parks Canada Cost Sharing Fund - but this will only provide up to 50%, the rest must be raised separately. To help, you can pledge a donation or you can pledge in-kind work. The pledge would be used in the event the project is able to move forward.

See the documents below (Word file or PDF file) which provides more detail about the project plus a Donation Pledge or In-Kind Work form:


       IN-KIND WORK Forms

PDF Logo Donation Pledge Form (PDF Format)      PDF Logo In-Kind Work Form (PDF Format)
Microsoft Word Donation Pledge Form (Word Format)      Microsoft Word In-Kind Work Form (Word Format)

For more information about the project please contact Art Shaw:

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